Pujo Pandal comes fighting for the Environment in Noida Sector 82

The relatively new Udayan Puja Samiti working in close coordination with the civic bodies and local RWAs organised a Navratri celebration at a community centre off the Noida Expressway near Sector 82. One of the key objectives other than mere celebration was to create awareness amongst the citizens about environment-related issues and sustainable changes that can be brought in daily lives.

The Durga Puja Pandal this year unlike the previous years was made entirely of Bamboo, Cloth, Mud and Clay with minimum use of Plastic. The idols too were made of eco-friendly substances and were immersed in pits instead of the river. Plastic was not used even in the form of cutlery and 800 stainless steel utensils were taken on loan by the authority. The utensils were procured by the “Bartan Bank” started by Noida Authority.

According to the organisers, the pandal was made keeping in mind the guidelines, of DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Council). The Pandal was decorated by Bamboo and Clay instead of thermocol and Plaster of Paris. “Our decoration items were eco-friendly like, bamboo, jute, cane and winnowing baskets were used. We hired Bengali artisans to make paper lanterns and other artefacts. Instead of Plastic of Paris, paper mache was used.” said Anuj Chakravorty, organiser of the pandal.

To propagate the agenda further, various events were held for people of all ages, poster making, dance competition and even the best of waste. Panchami had visitors relishing home-cooked food in a cookery competition held. On Saptami musical events happened. Apart from musical events, there was a theatre performance on Ashtami. On Navami, there was a dhunuchi dance competition and a Bharat Natyam performance. At the end of the performances diaries made from recycled paper were given as mementos to all the participants and the chief guests talked about the 3Rs, i.e. is reduce, reuse and recycle and insisted that people bring about changes in their everyday lives, he ended the events by saying, “Mata toh 9 din mein chali jaati hai lekin prakriti maata humare saathh humesha raheti hai aur ek hi hai.”


Ram Ke Naam is a movie by Anand Patwardhan. It’s documentary on the issue of the Babri Masjid demolition.

This movie mostly focuses on how politicians use religion and caste for their own purpose. In the movie, BJP leaders use this strategy for increasing the strength of the party. In 1949 a pujari dreamt of Lord Ram appearing in the Masjid. After that then-District Magistrate K. K. Nayar installed an idol of Rama inside the Masjid. This led to starting the issue of the communal situation and the BJP leaders and leaders of VHP took advantage of this for their party’s development. The effect of the communal situation was mostly on the common people who were supporting the Raath Yatra which was started by L.K. Advani.

The people who were with Rath Yatra and supporters didn’t even know the basic facts about where Rama was born and when!  The people who were living near the villages of Ayodhya during the Rath Yatra were asked questions. They were slum dwellers, small traders, farmers- they told him that they didn’t care about issue; they just wanted Hindu-Muslim unity and nothing else.

V.H.P. and B.J.P have ties which lead to the events depicted in the film. The film shows how  Hindu sentiments were misguided and used to divide the county by hatred into religious boundaries which helped B.J.P gain an important political voice, which helped it to come into power for the first time and set the stage for a change in the political arena which can be seen even now with Narendra Modi in power. It was a complete injustice to not just the Hindu, or to be specific, Ram’s ideals of a just and happy state while also being a complete disregard of Muslim sentiments.

“Sun ne ki Shamta Rakhiye” Jamyang Tsering Namagyan bringing forward the voice of people from Ladakh

“Sun ne ki Shamta Rakhhiye” repeated in the house and urged the people to listen to the voices from Ladakh, while the house erupted in discussions and debate when Amit Shah presented the bill pertaining to dilute of Article 370, Jamyang Tsering Namagyan MP from Ladakh, presented his point of view about the situation. Addressing his point of view he said Ladakh has been fighting for UT for the last seven decade. He further blamed Congress and Article 370 for underdevelopment and stated this decision as a rectification of mistake done by congress.

Addressing the parliament he said “This abrogation of Article 370 will only affect two families in the Kashmir. He targeted the opposition who were talking about equality. “The funds allotted for Ladakh is used for development in Jammu and Kashmir and out of 1000 jobs created not even 10 jobs are given to ladakhis”, The MP said.

Remembering the great leader Dr Shyama Prasad Mukharjee he said, his dream of one nation, one constitution is fulfilled now. He questioned Gulam Nabi Azad that when he was chief minister in 2008 and four new districts were created in Kashmir and four were created in Jammu why Ladakh was not given even one new district.

He welcomed the decision thanking honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of all the people and concluded by saying “Desh k liye pyar hai toh jataya karo, kisi ka intezear matt karo, garv se bolo jai hind, abhiman se bolo bhartiya hai hum, swabhiman se kaho bharat mata ki jai aur VARTMAN MEIN KARO ISS BILL KA SAMARTHAN.”


Stop romanticising Mental Illness

One out of every five adults is suffering from mental illness. Nearly 16 million people are facing severe depression and 42 million are living with an anxiety disorder. And what we are doing to help those people, nothing. Rather, we have formed a quote to run away from it, “chaos is beautiful”.

We are glorifying mental health. Have you ever wondered what depression is and what it feels like to have it? Circumstances, after failing in an exam or breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, are not depression; it is just a setback which will be conquered by you. But what about mental health, do you think it is that easy as a break up with your loved ones or failing an exam. If you think like this then my friend you need to get your shit together because it is not a lamenting sprinkle, it’s a catastrophic alp.

Many a time on social media I read, “Suicide is blissful” or “they are into another blissful world away from the cruelty of life”. What hurt me the most is without knowing their condition how can they say such nonsense things? Do you think that a person, who contemplates existence, reckons to end his/her life is in the blissful state? Do you think that peoples who don’t even know what is happening to them are in the blissful state? They ask themselves, why are they crying? Why are they filling strangled? Why life is so dull to them and why are they asking themselves, why? These questions are always left unanswered. How would you feel when you are cheerful from the outside but deep inside you are stuck in a dark pit, When your mind suddenly decides to stroll down the path of nothingness, when your heartbeat and calmness tries to elope when the barbaric void trounces existence. Just for once walk in their shoes and you will get to the vivid picture.

You might be unaware and your loved ones might be living with it. So, spread happiness, love one and all and spend time with your loved ones.

The happy plague.

Once in 4 years the world gets united, poles kiss each other, different cast and religion blends in the name of FOOTBALL. Once in 4 years, we realise how patriotic we are towards countries at the other end of the world. How we can tell that Belgium is not famous only for its chocolate, there is more to Iran other than war and the list goes on.

FIFA World Cup is not just any other sport’s event, its hype can be measured when your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are flooded with it(however, you will encounter some people who dig out from their grave only during World Cup). The battalions from six different continents have arrived, ready for peculiar war, peculiar war because it’s a war of passion, love and commitment and here FOOTBALL is the ammunition. This time battlefield is set up in Russia. However, Russia is miles apart but the identical feeling extinct the length.

Some may question their nationalism feeling, some may think it’s in jeopardy but the reality is FIFA World Cup is the ecstatic plague destructing antipathy and constituting rapture amity. Moreover, this jeopardises feeling arises because our country is not playing in the tournament and to some extent, we are responsible for this.

Sunil Chhetri(Indian football team captain) recently had to request the people to come to the stadium to watch their match. In one of his interview he told “media always give limelight when a particular person get famous, they are obscure about his/her journey. We want to reach the paradise with our country but doesn’t want to travel the arduous path. The road is long but believe is everything. Maybe one the dream will turn into reality.

Until then keep enjoying the carnival and keep supporting your favourite team. My favourite is Belgium.

You can mention your favourite team in the comment section or DM me for some competitive and healthy conversation.

Writer’s crisis.

I sit with a pen at night

In order to write and

Beat every danger and fight

But do you think this paper

And this ink

Is enough to explain my painful sight?

Maybe for them, it would be another

Write up to be kept aside

Another story to laugh at

And mesmerise their time,

But they don’t know the pain

Which is hidden behind the person’s smile

Because every word he has written

Has its own meaning and a rebellious style.

It took him days, months and years to write

But people ridiculed claiming it’s not a masterpiece, so not worthy of their time.

They judged him, judged his writing style

However, he is better than those

Who are just wasting their life and

Waiting for death to arrive.

He is not perfect,

But one thing he is sure of is,

His hunger is burning bright

Hunger to improve

Hunger to prove everyone wrong

Hunger to have a future bright.

365 days and counting….

Suddenly your mind gets numbed, thought runs as fast as sight unseen from a car moving in a flashback and you realise that You need to do something, something out of your comfort Zone, something which bites you and contemplating it makes you unwillingly numb. One year back this Valorous morning banged at my door.

Naive, I couldn’t understand what to do next. I had the aim in mind but no plan in hand. First and foremost thing I learnt is it’s not smooth to abandon the acquaintance of comfort zone. Furthermore, it’s like a candy, tempting to taste buds but ruins teeth with every single bite. The moment I breached it, I noted that it was the wall between my aim and plan.

This is just an excursion, but full of barbarism. What else can you expect from a bleary and diligent ride. One can experience the arduous of the journey when she/he has to drink contemplating, numbness, anxiety etc. as a part of their daily routine. Like a shadow, ups and downs clung to me throughout my journey. At times, I was down on my knees, while at other times I was flying in the sky, however, the wings were cut short as soon as I kissed the pride and greedy sky.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, something which challenges you. Life is blissful not for those who have eyes, but for those who have VISION and MIND.

P.S- today I completed one year of my ride and just in simple words I want to thank all those who were there for me during my good and bad times. Thank you.