Story of his life.

The mountain which looked impossible to track is beneath his eyes, the insolent sea of trounce, full of vanity is now mortifying on his invective. No, He is not a winner. He didn’t defeat them, their envy and pride are the reason for catastrophe. However, He simply chooses to deviate himself, with little aim in his mind. 

The most important thing before you start anything is the mindset. It’s the brain and will power which constrain you. In the beginning, you have to strive yourself, handle everything scrupulously, and keep on reiterating. The path which looks doom and narrow will turn gloomy and sublime, but miracles doesn’t happen overnight, you have to be patient.

A War is not a war without wounds, just like a triumph is not a triumph without defeat. Defeat is bitter in taste, moreover, I can delicate your strength, but your hand of pep should cling to the resilience soul. Nevertheless, it is the best teacher in the world. Losing doesn’t mean give up, giving up is for cowards and that ain’t you, you are better than that. One needs to keep on trying, be a Pliant and inculcate. Don’t resent, nobody is going to baby feed you, You gotta do it yourself. 

 Your goals are challenging, moreover they are far from your limit, but your limits will remain in limits if you restrict your limit. Amplify your limit because you are the limitless sky.

Is love a sin ?

The two souls fell in love with each other overpassing caste and colour. They loved each other’s beauty rather than duty, were they on fault ? Or is it a sin to listen to your heart rather than society?

We have reached moon, hiked the deadliest mountains, survived illicit wars and at present combating with global terrorism. This is 21st century where I think education is a significant pill given to children. Moreover, we are confronting situations of rape, poverty, education and basic sanitation facilities. But, where is the basic human right to fall in love with a person of your choice.

“Actions speaks louder than words”. Usually we talk about secularism and rationalism. But, have you ever wondered, we live in a society where colours, food and animals are divided by religion. Where a person of one religion cannot marry a person of other religion, no matter how dapper their relationship is. Hopelessly, we can’t even marry a person of same religion but different caste. 

Sometimes, serendipity brought them together and many times it’s a chosen sin. The vanity of society busted humility of love. The change doesn’t happen over time and it requires action, you cannot expect change to happen without changing yourself.

Happiness is what makes you feel alive,

 happiness is what enrich your soul,

happiness is what raptures your heart, 

happiness is making others happy.

As time passing, positivity is fading away from our life. Moreover, negativity is pushing us into the dark pit of delicate and melancholic lifestyle. Happiness is not an external thing, it’s an internal gut. It is you, the solitary Meister of happiness. Sometimes a simple act of kindness can bring a million dollar smile on someone’s face. Small small things which we do for others can be monumental for them. 

You can’t Plunk a blissful fruit and eat it, without nurturing it. Happiness is like a sun which is covered by clouds, whereas, fear, setbacks are epitome of clouds. Your joyous rays should penetrate the infectious clouds. 

If Examine felicity, the wind is carrying bliss, the birds are murmuring happiness, the roads are leading you to paradise and the rain is washing away the sorrow. 

Do what makes you cheerful, maybe you will not succeed and face criticism. Nevertheless, what you will get is happiness. The world ain’t sunshine and rainbow, it’s mean and nasty thing. Let your warrior trounce negativity. This world needs a knight like you who will battle the negativity and arouse this doomed place.


Fire in the heart, sprinkle in the eyes

Is this love, that bury me down and left me fragile.

We walked down the eccentric path,

saw the scariest mountains,

Conquered the stormy sea,

Wandered in strenuous desert,

Lived freely as limitless sky, still shackled.

I tasted the sweetest love bite 

But I don’t know why I cried.

I felt her body from the nearest site,

Lost in her beauty, still reluctant.

One day We burst in tear, another day cheerful life 

Is this chaos or blissful paradise ?

No, we don’t wanna lose each other,

Then why we fight and immobile our life.

Is it love or our lust, we couldn’t decide

Left everything on almighty and cried.

All these things couldn’t be vocalised

I got a pen to write my bittersweet ride.

Over but eternal.

Some things in life are beyond our control. No matter how much we try, we cannot do anything about it.

Today is the day, “Daniel” my best friend is moving abroad. Well I don’t want to shed tears in front of him, don’t want to make him weak. A Thousand things reiterating, shredding my soul and making me queer. The only option is to stifle myself. We Seldom thought about this blue exploit to be this affective.

The expedition, which started 12 years back is finally resting in peace. There were many ups and downs, like a sailor in the outraged ocean, we survived every deadly wave. The places we visited still calls our names, things we did are vivid to me and the souvenir I got is the sublime and majestic memories. Our journey was not as smooth as walk in a park, it was capricious. It had all the elements of rouge sea, windy desert and rainy forest. 

This relationship is winding up, but the effects is eternal. We completed each other. The robust bond; guardian against the wretched society. We learnt how to fight a bull with its horn, how to deal with eccentric and temporary mess and how to make best out of worst. Friends will come and go, but no one can replace his place in my heart. Words are not enough to explain our enigmatic relation, because “ You cannot shine like a Diamond without being one”.

I am standing at the airport watching him go to meet his dreams. Dreams discussed during non age. I should be happy for him, but I am resent. With every step by him towards his air plane, my delicate heart is crying and numb eyes are smiling, moreover, I can feel how weak and miserable I am going to be without him. I want to hug him for forever, but that ain’t possible. I want to stop the time with a time spell, don’t want it to gamble, but

“Some things in life are beyond our control. No matter how much we try, we cannot do anything about it”.


 Facing you is my biggest fear

Scared of your honesty and veracity.

My look make me wicked and retired 

Couldn’t counter mine’s demon

Burning in rage and antipathy 

Eager to burst out and fray.

The innocence lying in the corner 

Fatigue, fragile and lost,

Lost in the world of greediness 

Maybe she is out of fashion now 

wearing her is not dope now.

The eternal bizarre darkness 

Dark but still you make it vivid 

Let me hide it, hide my reality 

I could afford to show it.

Outshine my external beauty 

Because that’s what matters now,

Show me my qualities and beauty 

And bury my wretchedness and ugliness.

When rage strikes over 

I wanna break you but I couldn’t 

Maybe you are my only saviour.

Scared and pathetic I stand

Couldn’t cling to reality 

Am I sacred of myself ?

Or world have made me coward ?

 But there is still a light in darkness 

I believe one day I would succeed in facing you,

Beat the demon and come out as a winner.

Hey guys,As you can see this is a “Real Neat Blog Award”! I have been nominated by Somya, the writer of Tears  . She is incredible and a wonderful writer, do check out her blogs (I am sure you will love them).


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My Questions:

1. If you have to recommend books to someone, which books will it be ?

Well I am not at all fond of reading but recently everything have changed for me. The best book I have read and will suggest to someone is Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown

2. Which quote will you use to describe yourself ?

I cannot describe myself with any quote instead I will describe myself in one word “OBSESSION”.

3. What will you choose- Fly like a bird or swim like a fish ?

“No matter what we breed we still are made of greed”. To some extent this is very correct that’s why I wish to be a puffin( can fly and swim also).

4. What is your greatest motivation ?

My greatest motivation is “Myself”. 

5. If you could listen to only one song on repeat, which one will it be?

No second thought. STORY OF MY LIFE- 1Direction❤️

6. Coffee or Tea ? 

Abousely coffee, It helps in burning fat. 

7. What do you notice first while talking to a person ?

Most of the time I don’t notice anything because I am to confused to choose what to notice.

My Nominations:-

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7. Do you think that is easy to face your fears ?