He’s a creep, she’s a slut !!!In a fraction of a second we enunciate someone as creep, slut, mean etc….This has become a tendency of our life, words are not a valuable gem anymore. Your judgemental words can give someone a major pain but have you realised what have you gained ?

Words, the most painful ammunition in the world, however least significant. Think before you speak, the girl you called a slut underwent depression, the boy you bullied is now in the void. Basically, your one statement can alchemise the life of someone.

Like a weed between the plants, judgement is disseminating among us. How can you judge someone without unfolding his/her chapters of life. The chapters which are burned inside the delicate heart and chapters which are displayed on the cherish heart.

We are living in 21st century fighting over pity issues like corruption, equality etc. Don’t play the role of Satan in the paradise. STOP JUDGING.


Human: celestial demon

“Satan was also an angel before his fall.”

The soul is bifurcated into angel and demon. Whereas, the demon is more muscular while the angel is fragile. However, the ironic fact is we know that demon is more catchy on us but we always resist.

The devil resides inside me, I deny the fact but I know the reality. Doomed, I see myself turning into a monster. The monster which uses LIES as annunciation and RAGE as flames to burn everyone close to me. Despite its vulnerable deeds, I couldn’t free it. Somehow I am in love with this beautifully chaotic creature. How can I hate myself.

Crippled, the angel reside with demon. The sun goes down but it comes back up, the angel lost its wings but it still knows how to fly. Sometimes I try to connect with the angel but I failed miserably. However, there is a hope that one day angel gonna rule over me. Is it my fault or society vault which left angel fragile and demon as grievous guile.

Hopefully my angel trounces my devil. Would it be possible for me to be like a shooting star, lucky charm for fellas. Or will I be an another inimical plague devastating the paradise.

One Day…

One day the shoes will retreat, the ball will mislay its shine, the ground will turn into a graveyard and my soul would be perpetually buried there with a ball at my feet.

No, it’s not a game, it’s life. It is like an oxygen to heart.

You know what is the most spookiest thought ?

“When I reckon about leaving my soul mate”. The blithesome heart suddenly swirl into devastating pain. Moreover, the immortal contemplation is like a poison, killing me and many others like me in bits and pieces. However, the sad truth is the excursion will end.

Eventually, the day gonna arrive and that day I will be half dead. Have you seen the water leaving the ocean or sun fighting his rays, then how can you expect me to leave the other half of me. Ecstasy of scoring a last minute goal will be shredded. On the other hand pain of conceding a last minute goal will be futile.

Memories, is all that’s left to cherish.¬† This Expedition is boulevard and rigged cage. A cage which is aesthetic and aching at the same time. People talk about love and pain, have you ever felt the rapture and anguish of a football game. NO, you didn’t. I feel myself lucky enough because I PLAY THE GAME CALLED FOOTBALL.

Quantity or quality.

Hundred of Facebook friends, hundred of Instagram followers, hundred of whats app contacts but you still sink in the water of loneliness.

We humans always desiderate for quantity, but, does this quantity have any significance in our life ? However, we have huge amount of quantity sadly this quantity lacks in quality. What is the use of such gigantic friend list when you are feeling alone while hanging out. What is the use, if you can’t enjoy the moment or cherish life.

A thing remains aesthetic till you see it from a distance, the moment you go near it you feel how wretched it is. Quantity seems beautiful, but each thing has its pros and cons. And what is the use of such things when its pros trounce its cons.

Quality instigates jubilation. It doesn’t matter whether you have handful of friends or bunch of savages, what matters is quality. At times, we feel delicate and couldn’t fight the feeling, however we are full in by quantity despite the fact we couldn’t trounce the feeling. What is the use of diamond if it doesn’t shine. However, Coal which is dark and never shines helps in igniting the light.

The fight between quantity and quality will never end. It is up to you whether you prefer doomed quantity or serene quality ?

Right or Wrong ?

However, they will smile in front of you, but, stab you from behind. You couldn’t even realise what happened, within a second everything will change and that alteration can be done today or tomorrow, you don’t even know. You may be wondering what I am talking about. But, this is the doomed reality of today’s friendships.

Nowadays Envy, jealously, pride, ego etc. are the crops cultivating in our mind. The crops of honesty, humility are rusted and vanished. Throughout our life we come across number of people, and many a, times we end up being with the wrong person. At once, we couldn’t decide how a person is, but with time we can. A villainous person will always lead you to a wrong path. It depends upon you whether you know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.

The boat of life will hit the rock one day, and all the pilgrims will fall down. The authentic ones will cling to your hand and bail you out. Where as, the greedy and finagle ones will leave you. At that moment you will realise what was the obstacle between you and success. These are the people who didn’t allow you to Kiss the success and left you desultory.

Don’t wait for the right moment, make the moment right. Remove mean pep from your life. It maybe arduous, but it’s worth it.

Wings of Fire 

A nonchalant and cheerful soul

Is now sitting in the corner and crying, 

The chains of society held her wings

Didn’t permit her to fly,

Is it her pride or society’s guide

Which left her in dismay and fragile.

Was it the fault of her ripped jeans ?

Or was it the visibility of her bra strap ?

Was it the fault of her crop top ?

Or was it her affable lifestyle ?

Which aroused his napping devil 

And allowed him to kill the smile.

The smile is lost in the chaos 

Wings are broken and immobile 

she wants to move, couldn’t strive

Sometimes it’s her inner rage 

And sometime it is society’s cage 

Which stopped her from turning the page. 

The society is pulling her wings down

Not letting her to wear the crown 

Gloomy wings are her shelter and zeal

Bravely, she is fighting all the grim deal

Wings will open again, she will fly high 

wings of fire will burn every shackle alive.

I have lost…


I Have lost my innocent smile 

I got separated during guile,

I have lost my ravishing shout

Now I can’t even act it out.

I have lost my carefree days

When life was free from Maze,

Now we all are trapped in a cage

Full of envy, jealously and rage.

I have lost my nonchalant lifestyle

Where everything was free as smile,

Days turned from bright to dim

Whereas night resulting in grim.

I have lost my vivid vision

Got stuck in the game call division,

Nowadays every vision is dark

Resulting in failure and flame less spark.

I have lost myself in the race 

 Competitiveness destroyed the grace,

This race is eternal and vicious 

Devastating propitious and cultivating malicious.

I have lost interest in every desire

My aim, my name burned in the fire,

Lost things went to an unknown place

So far that even my imagination couldn’t trace.