Curtailed life.

She was playing with her Toys

Enjoying the blistering sun

And the muddy roller coaster ride,

Ohh! How ecstatic the day was

For such a nonchalant child.

Roads were noisy and heavy

Houses lit as a wedding site

The ambience was in perfect rhyme

people were singing in the name of good times.

Suddenly, she sees a firework in the sky

Oh, how cool it looks, same as the holocaust cry.

Smog emerged, everything turn aside

She could see the people running by

Oh, how innocently she kept waiting there for another firework in the sky.

She kept waiting for her mother

Looks at the road with hopeful eyes

Crippled, she couldn’t even walk and try.

She felt helpless and cried,

As she knew her mother is gone

Left her alone is the destructing paradise.

She saw firework in front of her eyes

Afraid to run, she stood there firm and stopped crying,Looking toward the heaven she asked

“Was it the fault of her religion or the geographical lines” ?

then why did you call her so soon when she wanted to live and fly ?

21 thoughts on “Curtailed life.

  1. I love this poem very much. Your images are alive and vibrant, suddenly the unexpected happens and you just know that the only thing you can be certain about is the unexpected. I like the way that religion and geographical lines appear in that single sentence — an existence defined by arbitrary borders or arbitrary religions?
    Thank you for your voice and verve!

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